Frequently Asked Questions

What is CHIPA and why was it formed?                                        

The Community Health IPA LLC (CHIPA) is a newly-formed independent practice association (IPA) owned by Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Look-Alikes across New York State. The goals and objectives of CHIPA include:

  • Negotiating statewide and regional value-based contracts;

  • Enhancing our collective ability to succeed under value-based payment contracts;

  • Enhancing our ability to achieve and sustain clinical and financial performance; and

  • Enhancing our market position in New York’s changing landscape.


Who can be a member of CHIPA?

An owner of CHIPA is called a “member” under New York Limited Liability Company Law. Any New York State FQHC or Look-Alike is eligible to purchase an ownership interest in CHIPA, which entitles the organization to one seat on the Board of Managers, CHIPA’s governing body, which must be a majority of FQHCs and Look-Alikes. Initially, the Board of Managers will only include members.


Can other types of providers participate in CHIPA?

Yes, providers who are not members can be a “participating provider” in CHIPA. Any type of provider (i.e., a FQHC, Look-Alike, and non-FQHC) is eligible to apply to become a CHIPA participating provider. At the discretion of the members, participating providers in CHIPA can be invited to serve on the Board of Managers.

Will individual participating providers no longer contract directly with payers?

No. CHIPA intends to only pursue value-based payment contracts. We expect that CHIPA participants will continue to negotiate their own rates with payers at this time.

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