Representing CHIPA constituent member organizations, each senior executive on the Board of Managers brings an individual and objective view and working knowledge to all CHIPA activities and decision-making.

Neil Calman, MD
Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Family Health
Vice Chair
Alan Wengrofsky
CFO/VP of Finance, Community Healthcare Network
Daniel Pichinson
Chief Executive Officer, William F. Ryan Health Center
Paloma Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer, Urban Health Plan
board member
William Arboleda
Interim Executive Director, Ryan Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center
board member
Anne Kauffman Nolon
Chief Executive Officer, Sun River Health
board member
David Nemiroff
President & CEO, Harmony Healthcare Long Island
board member
Teresita Rodriguez
Chief Executive Officer, Apicha Community Health Center
board member
Henry Thompson
Chief Executive Officer, Community Health Center of Richmond
board member
Mali Trilla
Chief Executive Officer, Settlement Health
board member
Julia Tsien
Chief Executive Officer, Betances
board member
David Jolly
President & CEO, Cornerstone Family Healthcare
Executive Director
Meghann Hardesty