Q:  If I join CHIPA, will I have to give up my independence?

A: You need not worry at all about losing your independence by joining an IPA.In fact it is the most valuable way for you to retain your independence as a practice. CHIPA will not own any part of your practice. However, by virtue of your membership in an Independent Practice Association, you’ll be able to have the power, support and data you need to provide quality care to your patients. 

Q: What are the benefits of joining an IPA?

A: Membership in an IPA allows you to focus on providing care. Independent practice can be isolating and burdensome. By associating yourself with other independent practices you have the strength of numbers when it comes to cooperating with insurance companies, reducing administrative burdens and sharing business intelligence and successful strategies with like-minded organizations.

Q: Will CHIPA remove my ability to decide about reimbursement?

A: Remuneration decisions are at the core of a practice’s independence. In fact, your ability to set a just level of compensation for care is key to your ongoing small practice survival. So no, joining our IPA will give you quality data to help you build sound population health management strategies.

Q: What is the place of an IPA in the changing healthcare landscape?

A: For many independent practices there can be difficult choices in today’s healthcare. For those who feel their only choice is to accept employment or affiliation with a hospital or health system, joining an IPA enables them to keep their independence without giving up too much control. CHIPA represents a viable route to ongoing independence in a complex environment.