Institute for Family Health


The mission of the Institute for Family Health is to improve access to high quality, patient-centered primary health care targeted to the needs of medically underserved communities.

In support of its mission, the Institute:

  • Develops and operates community health care centers that include primary care, behavioral health, dental and social services;
  • Trains health care professionals to provide patient centered primary care on a family practice model;
  • Addresses barriers to health equity to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in  health outcomes;
  • Promotes the meaningful use of health information technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of care, increase coordination with other providers, provide patients with access to their health records and communicate with the public health care system – all while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security of personal health information;
  • Implements community based health promotion and outreach programs;
  • Engages in health services research and formulates policy related to primary care and mental health care delivery and education; and
  • Promotes workforce diversity and provides a work environment that encourages personal and professional development of its workers at all levels.

Institute for Family Health

2006 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10035
(212) 633-0800

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